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Children are naturally drawn to music. They love the ability to make lots of noise whilst expressing their thoughts, feelings and emotions. Tap the tambourine, shake those maracas, toot that whistle or bash out a tune on the xylophone whatever the chosen instrument music is an enjoyable part of play, expression and interaction. Our great range of instruments include bells, castanets, clackers, drums, maracas, rattles, tambourine, whistles and wind up music boxes these are all the perfect introduction to music for young children.
 Animal Maraca's 
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 Belltree Rattle, Ribbons and Bells 
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 Castanet, Fairy 
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 Castanet, Pirate 
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 Football Rattle/Clacker 
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 Jester, Bell Stick 
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 Mini Wooden Whistle 
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 Train Whistle 
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 Wooden Drum 
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 Wooden Handbells 
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 Wooden Xylophone 
 Wooden Xylophone 
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01.Football Rattle/Clacker
02.Mini Wooden Whistle
03.Train Whistle
04.Wooden Xylophone
05.Wooden Handbells
06.Jester, Bell Stick
07.Belltree Rattle, Ribbons and Bells
08.Wooden Drum